In Partnership with Christian organizations and churches in Africa, International Missions is organizing the first conference : AFRIKINGDOM-GC 2023 (AFRICA KINGDOM TRANSFORMATION GLOBAL CONVENTION 2023) of a series aimed at holistically transforming Africa. This conference is two in one kind of conference composed of two main parts which will take place once year. The first part of that is AFRICONFE: AFRICA KINGDOM TRANSFORMATION CONFERENCE which focuses on both spiritual and psychosocial preparation of the church (Ecclesia)that will take place from 24th to 25th July 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda and AFRISUMM (AFRICA KINGDOM TRANSFROMATION SUMMIT) that focus on physical (social and economic preparation) of the church in Africa that will take place on 26th July 2023.


The Conference will be hosted by Life Givers Christian Center( , a Christian organization based in Kigali, Rwanda while Christ Missions in Rwanda is assisting in Conference management ( AFRIKINGDOM-GC 2023 was published on Rwanda National Calendar of Conferences, For Details visit AFRIKINGDOM-GC 2023 was blessed and welcome as very important annual conference to the extent that Rwandair, the Rwanda National Flight Company guaranteed 15% discount to those who will attend the AFRIKINGDOM-GC 2023.

In the year 2022, Apostle Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi ( AFRIKINGDOM-GC 2023 Convener) told one of his friends that they need to organize a conference for the liberation of Africa in Kenya. He encouraged him but did not take any personal interest. That made Celestin unhappy but he continued to have the burden of calling Africans to come together and develop ideas and seek advices on how to get out of the slavery of the devil, fear, ignorance and on how to trust God who gave Africa everything to live well. There have been recent wars in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, etc. The war between Russia and Ukraine has also had a negative economic impact just after we seemed to have come out of the difficult times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea of ‘AFRICA KINGDOM TRANSFORMATION CONFERENCE (AFRICONFE) was birthed as an idea of preparing the church for holistic development that ignites God’s Kingdom Revival. AFRICONFE is dealing with Spiritual and Soulful development of the church while AFRISUMM (AFRICA KINGDOM TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT) concentrates on social and economic development of the Church. All of this came when Celestin was wondering what can be done to get African countries out of the problems caused by war, poverty and constant conflicts. He realized that it requires the power of God after a conversation with one of his friends who told him that it will not be possible for Africa to be liberated. After he shared with Celestin what he thought were the signs of this impossibility, Celestin became even sadder and thought that at least they should put much effort into preaching the good news of God’s Kingdom so that people who receive salvation will not perish in ignorance.

Both AFRICONFE and AFRISUMM were born when some evangelists and pastors in the Eastern and Central African countries were encouraging Christian leaders to be united for the purpose of effective spreading of the good news. Christian leaders were talking about revival and prayers during that time. This was a time when in Rwanda, in the City of Kigali alone there were at least 15 conferences speaking about unity, revival and awakening from the second to the third week of August 2022. These included the annual conference called ‘Africa Arise and Shine’ Organized by Authentic Word Ministries and Zion Temple Celebration Center. Celestin remembered that the Missionary Dr. Joshua Baker, the president of International Missions, told him about visions and prophecies of a revival that will begin in East Africa and that he also felt that God was calling him to be part of this revival.
Celestin continued to think about transformation of Africa and later shared this with his other friend telling him how he wanted to start a Christian Revival Movement. He assured him that he will support that. Later on, that friend of Celestin saw a vision of a revival that will come from Rwanda; the revival thot would spread to East Africa, Africa and the whole World. That became a confirmation of their involvement in that revival. Later on Celestin listened to the prophecy in the conference they organized that took place at Eglise Apostolic Pour La Reveil in Kigali Rwanda on February 3-5, 2023. Celestin heard same prophetic confirmation that was specifically orienting a strategic way of preparing they church the way he thought thing to be done (Holistic development of the church for revival) which could results into what Celestin considers as Kingdom Revival. This came successively in time he also head a prophetic announcement from his coworker that this revival conferences will be special and bring great harvest and manifest more than conferences took place ever before.

These thoughts, orientations and suggestions and prayers have enriched and strengthened the agenda of the planned Summits and Conferences through AFRIKINGDOM-GC (AFRICA KINGDOM TRANSFORMATION GLOBAL CONVENTION).
Although the whole world has problems and need kingdom revival message, their focus on starting in Africa is for the following reasons:

1. The inspiration of holistic transforming Africa started in Rwanda considered to be heart of Africa;
2. Kenya was declared to be part of the revival;
3. Africans have thirst to knowing and serving God but they still have spiritual and mental wounds and material poverty that make them unprepared to serve God properly which stops them serving people as centeredness of working force of Africa.
4. African countries are still dependent on the western countries though Africa is currently potentially the richest continent in both natural and people in the World;
5. Besides the promise of its role in end time revival, Africa experienced a revival in 1922-1936 in Eastern Africa countries besides being involved in the spreading of the gospel to the whole world before Europe, the Americas and Oceania. This might be a season when Africa might be center to world evangelization and revival.

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