Former CEO of Revealed Word University, Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi handed overs his responsibilities to Vice Chancellor, Prof David Dungji Joel

Revealed Word University Was berthed by Initiative of having postgraduate studies in Revealed Word Bible College in East and Central Africa Regions( Great Lakes Regions). This project was initiated by Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi, who served as Director of Revealed Word Bible Colleges in East and Central Africa. Dr. Celestin and RWBC Founder Dr. Joshua Baker came in agreement to have different higher learning institution and the university took the name Revealed Word University abbreviated in RWUNI. Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi worked hand in hand with Dr. Joshua Baker and compiled RWUNI Programs for both undergraduate and post graduate studies and were sent to accrediting institution called Christ For the Nations Association of Bible Schools, Dallas, Texas in the USA. RWUNI got letter of authorization as certified institution to offer proposed programs and received certificate of affiliation two months later. Upon agreement, Dr. Celestin and Dr. Joshua decided to establish RWUNI as division of International Missions, Wyoming, USA and adopted online programs to be operating from Wyoming, USA.

Dr. Celestin appreciates the work and sacrifices RWUNI staff members( Senior Management Board, Senior Executive Board and Advisory Board) gave for positioning RWUNI at this very important step. RWUNI has 28 partner Instructions including 10 universities, public and private business companies, NGOs and Faith Based Organizations operating from Africa, America and Europe. RWUNI adopted collaboration with other institutions for achieving its objectives which are:
1. Develop a strong and deep relationship with the Lord.
2. Provide an in-deep understanding of the Word of God.
3. Make believers firm and stable in their walk with the Lord as revealed by the Word through The ministry of the Holy Spirit.
4. Prepare believers for ministry, leadership, and servant hood in the body of Christ.
5. Impart a correct and clear understanding of the Word of God.
6. Train and equip future leaders by means of the best training methods.
7. To connect believers with marketplace for invading nations for Christ.
8. Professional training of African people, with special inclusion of the youth and women.
9. Quality education of African people
10. Preparation of African people with ethical values for positive impact and change.
11. Socioeconomic development and transformation concentrating on home-grown solutions in Africa.
12. Servant-hood Entrepreneurship and leadership development in African Countries.
13. Conservation of and keeping African heritage for positive and sustainable development for next generations.
14. Connecting African communities to mutually beneficial relationships with the rest of the world.

The half of these objectives concentrates on Africa which shows the role and importance of RWUNI in the development and transformation of Africa.

”When we established the university it was necessary to have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a Vice Chancellor (VC). Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi did an admirable job, as CEO in the establishment of the university.
This enbled a smooth process during the pioneering stage. It was necessary to have a CEO who worked on the business side and a VC who worked on the academic side. By separating the functions we were able to construct a business which became an academic institution. This meant that the VC, who functions mostly inside the university reported to the CEO, who functions mostly outside. At times the responsibilities were not clear and the VC was not able to step up and take full responsibility. We have now reached the point where the CEO is no longer needed and these functions must be merged with the VC functions. We require a VC who is able operate freely within pre-determined boundaries leads the administration and academic departments of RWUNI” said Dr. Joshua Baker, the Founder and Chancellor of Revealed Word University.

Role of VC
1. Ensures that RWUNI provides and maintains excellent training of students through the implementation and maintenance of great teachings which enable graduates to be successful and have a strong Christian witness in the market place.
2. Key responsibilities include full operational oversight, business development strategy and implementation, and campus compliance with reporting and accreditation requirements.
3. Recruit people who strive for excellence and are passionate about the ideals of RWUNI.
4. Develop succession plans.
5. Oversee the development and implantation of academic programs.
6. Serve on several university councils.
7. Direct a wide range of volunteers who participate in various activities.
8. Provide advice and counsel students in personal, academic, and community relate matters.
9. Advice and counsel on finance and budgets, faculty administration, research administration, and other business-related policy matters.

Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi, Cofounder of Revealed Word University got responsibilities where he is Chief Operations Officer of Strategic Missions Group in addition to being Director of International Missions, Wyoming, USA.

” It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dr. Celestin Ngirabakunzi as the Chief Operations Officer of the Strategic Missions Group. His job will be to ensure the smooth operational running of the organization” stated Dr Joshua Baker.

The Position of Chief Operating Officer
A COO may alternatively be called Vice President of Operations. As second in command to the CEO, the COO position is tasked with providing leadership, management, and vision to ensure that the ministry has effective people, operational controls, and administrative and reporting procedures in place. The COO must help effectively grow the organization and ensure its financial strength and operating efficiency.
The chief operating officer must work closely with the CEO. In order for the relationship to work to maximum efficiency, it’s necessary that:
The CEO and COO maintain a good personal chemistry. The CEO and COO can communicate effectively
The CEO and COO work together well. The CEO trusts the COO implicitly.
The position has become necessary as we grow from the start up stage as a group with a mix of new and established ministries.

”We are now entering the growth stage and it means each of us need to be more focused on a few functions as opposed to many. As CEO I need to focus on what a CEO should do and this means moving away from the operational side or day to day functions. Therefore this appointment of Dr. Celestin is crucible for the future well being of the Strategic Missions Group and our ministries which are:
1. Souls for Jesus (Missions)
2. Revealed Word Bible College
3. Revealed Word University
4. Act Won (Performing arts ministry)
5. RC Gen (Church)
6. Matthew 2535 ( Feeding programs and Social Upliftment)
7. Warriors for Life ( Abortion counselling)
8. Care Counseling (Counselling)
9. Second Chance ( Prison ministry) and
10. Diakonos Leadership Development ” Stated Dr. Joshua Baker, CEO Strategic Missions Group.